Top 7 Upright Vacuum Parts and Accessories

Is The Following Upright Vacuum Parts and Accessories Needed?

Vacuuming is something you have to do in your home regardless of the kind of flooring you might have. Those who have no carpets can mop and sweep, but there’s always an instance when nothing will function quite as good as a vacuum.

The following vacuum accessories and parts definitely can help you clean your home, caravan, garage or car easier. You may also want to use your vacuum for cleaning the floor, furniture and curtains, so having the best upright vacuum accessories will make cleaning a lot easier.

If you clean in commercial environments, you may want to see which accessories and upright vacuum parts can make your cleaning job easier and faster. Most modern vacuums are fitted with additional accessories in order for you to get the best out of your vacuum and even clean hard to reach areas.


The 7 Upright Vacuum Parts and Accessories

The following are some of the important upright vacuum parts:

1)     Wand

Wands may look like a plus as it helps you clean areas a lot easier. It helps with cleaning hard-to-reach high places as well as stairs but if you rarely use it, you may just find it hard to use the equipment.

2)     Upholstery tool

This part can be used to clean your upholstery if they’ve been gathering a lot of dirt or dust. Many people tend to use a brush specifically designed for furniture, especially if they have to contend with a lot of pet hair.

3)     Dusting brush

Brushes can be used to clean your furniture and even drapes. It is used to dislodge dirt so that the vacuum can then suck up the excess dust or dirt with ease. Some customers prefer a brush designed for dusting because they may be using it on more sensitive surfaces.

4)     Crevice tool

This part can suck up dirt in the cracks of hardwoods, under the appliances, narrow places and along the walls. Its shape focuses the vacuum’s suction power so that it’s powerful in small areas when anything else does not pick up all that’s there.

5)     Filters

This accessory prevents clean air from getting into the motor of the cleaner. Instead of using vacuums with standard filters, it might be worth taking a look at vacuums with HEPA filters that filter out more than ninety-nine percent of allergens and dust.

6)     Bags

Dirt or dust that the cleaner sucks up doesn’t just vanish into thin air. It actually goes inside the bags within the equipment. These bags also function as filters for older models. Some of the newest models, however, consist of sensors which alert you when the bags are full and need to be emptied. 

7)     Replacement Belt

The cleaner belt drives the motor and helps it achieve its purpose. You need a replacement belt when the motor hums louder than normal. Make sure that the belt is damaged before replacing it as loud humming might be caused by another factor.

Can all the parts be used for all upright vacuum models in the market?

Keep in mind that you may need to identify the exact model when picking upright vacuum accessories and parts. Some brands use tools, accessories and hoses that can be used for all models while other brands are extremely particular about which parts and accessories will suit every model of vacuum. For ultimate reviews on different upright vacuum models, visit this page.



Lots of homeowners are familiar with vacuums and their importance in cleaning. On the other hand, many don’t pay attention to the parts that make up this equipment. It’s important to know the most important parts of the cleaner so that you can observe proper care as well as maintenance. Sometimes, you’ll need to replace a certain part or two.

Upright vacuum cleaner accessories and parts can make the cleaning job a lot quicker and easier. It is just important to make sure that you pick the right accessories and parts for the job. Do not get a new vacuum cleaner before you search and choose the right vacuum accessories

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