Upright Vacuum Cleaners: Which Type is Most Suitable For You?

Tips on Choosing a Great Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Most people are fond of pets, especially dogs and cats. Furry pets tend to lose their hair frequently, and this can be frustrating to some of the owners. Thus, it is essential for a pet owner or even if you don’t have pet at home to have a good vacuum cleaner to clean your house.

There are different types of vacuum cleaners, but the most convenient to use are the upright vacuums. It is effective and much easier to use than the other type of vacuum cleaner. Upright vacuum has a cleaning bag, and head, or currently plastic container is being used intended to catch dirt or pet hairs from the surface.

In choosing the best upright vacuum for your house/office cleaning, essential information must be taken into consideration.

1.) Bagged VS bagless vacuum

In today’s time, bagless vacuum is being opted by lots of people. Bagless vacuum doesn’t require bag replacement which makes it more convenient and save cost to most users (i.e. no bag to buy). But most of the bagless vacuums have cheap non-washable Filters that have to be replaced.

The bagged vacuum required you to remove and clean/throw the bag after several cleanings though it may seem not convenient for some users. So you may mess around when you empty the dirt. The suction will get loose when the bag is full and hence you need to continue pay for disposable bags.

If you suffer asthma or allergies, I suggest you go with a bagged vacuum that has a good bag and filter system.

2.) Corded VS cordless

People tend to question the difference between the corded and cordless vacuum cleaner. Cordless vacuum is much more convenient to use, but it has downside due to the limited power supply and need to be recharge from time to time. Some people opt to use the corded vacuum for it is powerful and last longer compare to the cordless vacuum.

However, the power cord needs to be long enough to avoid several re-plugging while cleaning a room. Generally, power cord that exceeds 23-foot is good enough. You should also consider the power cord rewind feature as some vacuum doesn’t offer this feature.


Top 3 Reliable Brands of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

There are reliable upright vacuum cleaners available on the market. It is wise to choose the best out of them.

One reliable vacuum manufacturer is the Hoover upright vacuum. It has lots of excellent vacuum products and is known to be effective and efficient to use. It is considered as one of the most saleable vacuum products on major online stores including Amazon.com

Another excellent upright vacuum cleaner is the Bissell. It offers upright vacuum products with great features. It has lots of exceptional features thus people are opting to use these products for it can provide them excellent functions of cleaning their carpets and other flooring type.

The other great vacuum cleaner product is the Shark upright vacuum; it also has satisfying features making them popular to different people. All these products can provide you excellent services you need the most. You must know different information regarding the vacuum cleaner before you purchase them. It is wise to have a thorough research before you decide on buying anything. The above mentioned vacuum cleaners are far from excellent; therefore it is wise if you buy products like this. You will be satisfied from the different features offered by this product.

It is truly important that you take into account the different features of different products in order for you to compare their features. If you are a pet lover and would want to have a convenient way of cleaning, especially removing pet hairs you must certainly buy an upright vacuum cleaner. Because of these excellent vacuum cleaners people will be immensely benefited. It is recommended that you buy this product as soon as you can and start enjoying its features. The money spent for this product will be worth it for it is being offered with a highly reasonable price.

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