Panasonic MC-UL915: How Reliable Is This Upright Vacuum?

Complete Review of Panasonic MC-UL915 Upright Vacuum

Panasonic MC-UL915If you want to have the great vacuum cleaner right in your house, this Panasonic MC-UL915 vacuum cleaner is the best solution. This upright vacuum is very convenient for all home and office owners especially those having pets or cats in their home.

The Panasonic MC-UL915 vacuum uses dual motor system to ensure you the best cleaning performance. The filth sensor of this Panasonic Jet spin cyclone upright vacuum cleaner really helps you in finding and removing all the dirt that is in your house.

The automatic adjustment of floor height featured in this Panasonic vacuum cleaner helps you in lessening your effort in handling your vacuum. Of course there are many other great features that you can expect from this upright vacuum.

So through the help of this Panasonic MC-UL915 review article, you will know the benefits of having this upright vacuum in your home. You will understand why you should purchase this vacuum cleaner as well as where to get it at the best price.

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The Product Features and Specifications of Panasonic MC-UL915 Upright Vacuum

The following are some of the great features that you can expect:

  • It has a bagless, powerful 12 ampere dual motor system upright vacuum.
  • Dirt Sensor technology – Uses an infrared beam to detect whether or not there are still dirt particles being left on the floors.
  • Dual Action Nozzle – provides excellent cleaning for virtually any surfaces like carpets and bare floors. The EZ floor bare switch with just push of a button for easy transition between carpets to bare floor cleaning.
  • It has washable dirt cup and 6 cyclonic chambers. This exclusive feature let you easily remove the cup and eliminates the odors stick on the vacuum dirt cup and filters.
  • Cyclonic Filterless Cup Technology – The air is spun as jet speeds within the cup and hence reduces the amount of debris that goes into the filter.
  • The dust and particles attract by washable foam filter while HEPA Exchaust filter can traps 99.97% of dirt, dust and pollens.
  • It includes a telescopic ergonomic handle to help you easily handle the vacuum.
  • QuickDraw2 system for easy above floor cleaning with several on-board tools like combo brush, telescopic aluminum wand, air pet turbine brush and floor free brush.
  • It includes a belt saver features to protect all the belts like shoe belt.
  • Long 35 power cord lengths eliminates of having re-plugging.
  • Product Dimensions: 13.2 by 14.2 by 39 inches; weight 25.5 lbs.
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty.

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Let’s See the Pros and Cons of The Panasonic MC-UL915 Cleaner


  • This Panasonic Jet spin cyclone upright vacuum is convenient and makes the cleaning process faster for it has a powerful motor.
  • It has a dual motor for a greater vacuum performance.
  • Bagless hence save your money of buying the bag.
  • It has a filth sensor that will detect any kind of dirt on your floor and surroundings.
  • There is no need for you to drag your old and heavy vacuum cleaner as this Panasonic MC-UL915 vacuum is not very heavy, making it easier for you to bring it anywhere.
  • It has washable dirt chambers and cups for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • It has an automatic adjustable floor height for you to lessen your difficulties in handling it.
  • It has a good value in terms of performance and money.


  • No power cord retractors feature.
  • The several add-on tools are hard to keep in just one place.
  • Some user’s complaints that it’s a bit heavy. I admit that it’s heavier than average upright.

Who Could Buy This Panasonic MC-UL915 vacuum cleaner?

The Panasonic MC-UL915 vacuum cleaner is a perfect appliance especially for those who do not have time in cleaning their house or office. This vacuum is very suitable for all because it comes with an affordable price that is suitable for those who have a small budget. It’s also pet-friendly and pick up the pet hairs pretty good. Everyone must have this Panasonic MC-UL915 vacuum cleaner for you to have an easier and faster vacuum cleaning experience.

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Conclusion: Great Vacuum That Worth To Buy!

The great performance of this Panasonic MC-UL915 Jet spin cyclone upright vacuum cleaner brought Panasonic to its success. The features of this Panasonic MC-UL915 vacuum cleaner make it one of the most convenient vacuum cleaner in town.

This Panasonic vacuum cleaner helps you achieve a cleaner house and office in just a short span of time. With the technology used in this Panasonic MC-UL915 upright vacuum, you will be guaranteed of a smooth flow of vacuum cleaning in some of your dirty areas.

You should try purchasing it because your expectations and demands will be granted. The Panasonic MC-UL915 vacuum cleaner guarantees and ensures cleaner surroundings.

Where you should get the Panasonic MC-UL915? Besides the price offer is unbeatable and more importantly the services that offers really satisfy their customers’.

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