How To Vacuum Your House For Best Results?

How To Vacuum Efficiently? Effective Vacuum Cleaning Tips!

Cleaning your home is crucial to maintain the air freshness and tidiness of your house floors. But before you start clean your house, it’s good for you to know how to select a good vacuum cleaner to make your cleaning faster.

This review site provides all the necessary information for you to select a good upright vacuum cleaner.

To maintain the look and appearance of your home you’ll need to clean the floors or carpets on a regular basis. If you are new to vacuuming, you’ll find the tips below to help you when it comes to keeping your home clean:

  1. Before you start cleaning your house/office always inspect the cleaning area first. You should pick up any big objects that could cause your vacuum to clog up. The smaller objects are fine, just as long as they will pass through the vacuum.
  2. If your vacuum cleaner is not suitable for wet areas, make sure you use the steam mop or just a cloth to dry the place before clean it. However, some upright or stick vacuums can do the wet cleaning.
  3. For maximum cleaning power, ensure that the vacuum bag isn’t full. If it is full, you should go ahead and empty it. A full bag isn’t going to suck up much dirt, and the suction power will be greatly reduced. Some vacuums come with bag-full indicator light.
  4. Set the vacuum rotary dial to the correct setting, if applicable. This is because some vacuums allow you to set the high or low setting for bare floors and carpets.
  5. Clean from top to bottom. Makes sure you dust all the furniture’s including ceiling fans first so the dust will falls on the floors/carpets.
  6. When cleaning, always vacuum ‘back and forwards’ method instead of just going backwards. Going forward will get the job done quicker and you won’t wear your cord out near as fast. When going backwards, you also run the risk of running back over your cord, which is something you should avoid.
  7. When cleaning carpet, you are encourage change your cleaning direction on occasion to reduce any type of matting. Doing this every time you make a sweep on the carpet or every other time you vacuum will be good.
  8. When cleaning above the floors items like fan, ceiling, etc, use canister vacuum instead of stick or upright vacuums, which is less convenient.
  9. When dealing with corners or tight areas, use a suitable attachments like crevice tool that hooks up to your vacuum cleaner. This is also true when you clean your car. But the cheap vacuums normally don’t come with the onboard tools.
  10. Choose a vacuum cleaner with a rotating brush or combination beater and brush bar, which will loosen up the dirt in the carpet and then suck it out.
  11. If you have pets, you should sprinkle some baking soda (which is cheaper than carpet fresheners) on the carpet. Then let it sit for a little while and vacuum.
  12. For kitty litter, it can be a pain in the neck if it gets crushed in the pile or embedded, which is why you should get it out as quick as you can. To get deep into the fibers of the carpet, you should try a vacuum cleaner with a power brush.
  13. Depending on how frequent you vacuum, but at least once a year you should send the vacuum to get it serviced to ensure it last longer.

Vacuuming is very easy to do, and it’s something that should be done on a regular basis. You don’t have to be an expert of using a vacuum but all you have to do is make an effort. Your floor/carpet will look good and fresh all the time, and your house will stay smelling great. This article provides you some tips on how to vacuum efficiently – which is reason enough to grab the vacuum and take a trip through the house with it.

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