Dyson DC41 – How Good Is This Bagless Upright Vacuum?

Dyson DC41 Animal Vacuum Cleaner Complete Review

dyson dc41Dyson DC41 Animal vacuum, another sturdy and versatile pet hair and dirt removal, is the newest addition to the lineup of quality items made by Dyson.

The cleaner head of this machine contains the vigorous base plate that automatically self-adjusts for maximum contact with any types of floor. This DC41 vac adjusts automatically for various bare floors and carpet heights, which means that you could move around from one room to the other without having any interruption.

It also comes with Radial Root Cyclone supported with the enhanced air flow effectiveness which get rids off of more allergens, pet hair and dust from the home, leaving behind a fresher and cleaner space.

You should consider this upright vacuum if you want to have an easier and faster vacuum cleaning process, particularly when removing those pet hair that can be quite hard to manage with a simple vacuum cleaner.

Also, people who live together with pets inside their house will probably wish to purchase and use this product not only because of its efficiency but also because of the Dyson DC41 price.


Great Features Found On Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

This newly designed DC41 Animal vac is surely a great addition to your cleaning tools because of its great set of features that include the following:

¨       The designed materials are well selected for durability and strength, giving the vacuum cleaner a more comfortable setting with less bulk and weight.

¨       This vacuum cleaner utilizes Radial Root Cyclone system that helps in maximizing its suction power.

¨       The head of the cleaner self-adjusts automatically for optimum contact, effectively even on the hard floors.

¨       The Dyson Ball technology smoothly steers, providing the vacuum the ability to be used even in the most awkward spaces.

¨       The filter catches up even the smallest particles present on any of your home’s surfaces like mold, bacteria and pollen.

¨       The independent motor generates the provided brush bar, paving way for better cleaning on carpets.

¨       It has a small head turbine the removes dirt and pet hair from stiff spaces, stairs, automobile and upholstery.

¨       It has 5-year warranty (parts and labor guaranteed by Dyson).

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More Detailed Features, Pros and Cons of Dyson DC41 Animal Upright Cleaner

DC41 cleaner is equipped with the Radial Root Cyclone system that helps in generating high suction power. With this feature, there is a greater force that will help the vacuum from acquiring even the tiniest particles, which are too small to be seen with your naked eye.

Since the head of the cleaner automatically adjusts if it needs to, it will enable you to feel even more comfortable when using it even on hard floors. Also, the Ball technology found in the vacuum is steering smoothly, which gives it easy access to the awkward spaces.

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Let’s See The Pros and Cons of This Upright Vacuum


¨       This Dyson DC41 Animal vacuum is surely a great cleaning tool as it eliminates the smallest particles that may harm the health of your family.

¨       It is comes with a small turbine head that cleans dirt and pet hair from close spaces, upholstery, car and the stairs.

¨       The tool combination can reach further areas and contains gentler bristles for enhanced gentle dusting and spot cleaning.

¨       The instant release rod stretches for up to five times with the length efficient for stairs and those places that are hard to reach.

¨       The controls operated by your fingertips instantly turn off the motorized bard brush for delicate floors, rugs and hard floors.

¨       The cable release hold twists up to 180 degrees to release quickly the cable.

¨       It has a washable lifetime filter which means that it saves cost as there is no requirement of buying replacements.

¨       The cyclones present in Dyson catch more dirt as compared to other forms of cyclone.

¨       Dyson DC41 Animal vacuum cleaners utilize the patented Ball system in order to overcome steering limitations offered by fixed wheels.

¨       The unbeatable 5-year warranty makes your purchase ‘worry-free’!


¨       The attachments might sometimes feel awkward to use, especially when you don’t get the right instruction for it. Also, some attachments are not really useful.

¨       Its Ball technology might prevent the machine from getting into a couple of inches beneath the furniture, according to Dyson DC41 review.

¨       It’s pretty high price and the power cord is long but is not self-retracting.

If you get the Dyson DC41 vacuum now, you will receive the following items:

¨       Dyson DC41 Animal upright vacuum cleaner

¨       User operating manual

¨       Quick start guide

¨       Mini turbine head

¨       Combination tool

¨       Stair tool

¨       Product registration


Are You Really Serious To Get a New Vacuum For Cleaner Home Environment?

If you want to have a reliable and efficient vacuum cleaner that will surely and completely eliminate all the unwanted dirt, dust and harmful animal hair in your home, going for DC41 is surely a great decision.

With its use, you will not only completely get rid of those dirt and animal hair but you will also receive great worth for your investment. Having this vacuum cleaner handy at home will help you in protecting the health of your family.

Also, with its use, you will be able to have a wonderful, fresh-looking and clean home with just a matter of occasional vacuum cleaning. Now, where to get this vacuum at the best price?

I think this is really an important question as everyone is looking for a great product with reasonable price. So I’ve done some extensive research for you and found it to be Amazon.com

It is good to check it out on Amazon so you can see for yourself how great their offered deals are. Actually if you order today you can get some discount on the normal purchase price of the Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Upright Vacuum here.

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