Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum Cleaners: Pros and Cons

Bagged vs Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Comparisons

Choosing a right vacuum cleaner is never an easy task especially nowadays there are so many vacuum manufacturers’ produces different models with varieties of features. One of the features that you need to know is that it’s a bagged or bagless vacuum.

This article will discuss the pros and cons of both bagged as well as bagless vacuum cleaners and recommend some of the best upright vacuum cleaners in the market.


Pros and Cons of Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

The most claimed advantage to bagless vacuum cleaners was the lower operating costs as you do not need to buy the bag for replacement.

As far as the cost issues go, all vacuums must filter the exhausting air they use to carry the dirt into the dirt cup. Whether you have a bagless HEPA filter, a pre-filter, or disposable bags, they all need to be changed at some point.

To keep your bagless vacuum operating at higher levels, you’ll need to empty the dirt container before it is full and perform regular maintenance on the filter. The type of filter the vacuum uses will determine just how much service will be required, although most use a pleated HEPA filter but some models still using the standard filter.

However, thru our testing and experience we found that the bagless vacuum deliver a poor cleaning performance, offer poor catchment space and require more maintenance to keep in good order. Exception to the Dyson vacuums that use the cyclonic technology to deliver superior cleaning ability.

In contrast we find bagged vacuums offer better catchment volume, are simpler and cleaner to maintain and able to deliver good cleaning performance.

Asthma sufferers are advised to use bagged vacuums with HEPA filter, but I find the bagless type – not an issue when emptying the cup. Now the problem is it can be quite messy to remove the dirt cup and clean the container. Additionally, you also need to clean the filter regularly.


Pros and Cons of Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Even though someone claimed that the airflow performance with bagless and bagged vacuums are more or less same, is that true? Over the life of the vacuum you’ll get even better performance from a bagged vacuum cleaner system.

With bagged vacuums, the performance will start at 100% with each new bag then slowly drop as the bag starts to fill with dusts. Just how fast the performance drops depends on how good the bag is constructed.

Also, changing a bag in a bagged cleaner is less messy than emptying and then cleaning a dust container for a bagless vacuum.

If you are pets owner…pay attention!

If you have dogs or cats, whether you see it or not, those animals shed their fur on a regular basis throughout their lives.  Pet owners often wonder which vacuum is the best to clean pet hair.

For pretty much the same reasons that fur sticks to the carpet/hard floor, it will also stick to your bagless vacuum’s pleated filter cartridge. This will reduce the performance of airflow, and is also a pain in the neck to clean off the filter.

One of the main complaints about a bagged vacuum is that you need to buy the disposable bags. You also need to empty/dispose it after certain intervals of cleaning in order to maintain the suction power. The rule of thumb with ANY machine is you need to change the vacuum bag and filters OFTEN.

Still, there are many people out there who love bagless machines as it becoming more popular and work just as well as bagged vacuums. For many, a bagless vacuum can be the right vacuum to have. Bags are the technology of the past, while bagless is the technology of the future. There are many reasons as to debate whether you should go bagged or bagless vacuum.


Recommended Bagless Upright Vacuums

If you are going to go with bagless vacuum then Dyson is the good option as other bagless vacuums often clogs up. But the Dyson vacuums are quite noisy.

  • Dyson DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Plus Upright Vacuum, Bagless, UH70210

Recommended Bagged Upright Vacuums

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